Just as an ''A-B-C'' book teaches little ones to read, this foundational ''Do-Re-Mi'' book gives early learners an engaging and interactive introduction to music theory and solfege. Fun characters dance across the keyboard, introducing piano keys, their corresponding pitches, and the basics of notation. An additional audio/video element is available to readers for pitch training.

Music educators will find this book a welcome addition to their classrooms, and even the youngest musician will discover how this book will spark an interest in music that will last a lifetime.


Kitt Wichmann is an illustrator, creative director, and business owner with training in art, design, and merchandising. An artist at heart, Kitt combines the rare blend of artistic talent and business acumen to bring products from development and design to mass market and specialty retail. Kitt, her husband John, and twin daughters Kari and Elle reside in the Twin Cities. Kitt enjoys doing creative projects with her girls and traveling. Her work can be seen at studiokitt.com






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Mary Ellen's Grandson Logan is part of the book - and here's a little video to tell you more about that.