Mary Ellen Skeesick was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents, Ruth and Jerry, passed on their love of music, and by the time she started piano lessons at the age of six, her ears had already been trained by listening to great musicians—especially jazz musicians. She received a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, and her long career as a teacher has brought her to public and private schools, private studios, and to the Children’s Yamaha Music School in Edina, Minnesota, where she has taught since 1998. 
For Mary Ellen, music is heaven on earth. She leads worship at her local church, and believes that music comes from a loving God, connecting her most deeply to her dearest loved ones and offering the ability to express her love and give the highest praise to her Creator. She’s been privileged to teach others (especially children) and to compose, arrange, sing, and play for many people and occasions—from weddings and funerals, to churches and temples, to nursing homes and daycares, to concert venues and recording studios. Sharing these moments with her community and family has been her greatest joy. 

Mary Ellen is available to come and present a musical/book-reading presentation in a group setting. Contact her for details right here.